Smokey Fennell

I play steel guitar, Dobro, and banjo and have been playing professionally for over 30 years. I started playing music in Visalia, California in the 1970s. I moved to San Luis Obispo, on the California coast, in 1976 and started playing music for a living.

My first full time work was as the house band of a local restaurant called 1865. That lasted for about six months, then I got an offer to play with a band working up and down the California coast called The Brava Band.

A couple of years later I moved to LA (Beautiful Downtown Burbank) and did a bit of road work for various artists. In 1980, I toured in the northwest states and Canada with a group called Wild Horse Theater. When that ground to a halt, I headed back to sunny California and played around San Luis Obispo with various groups.

In 1983, while on a tour from California to the Great White North, I was asked to join a Canadian group called The Lonestar Cattle Company. We had several records with good airplay and toured back and forth across Canada with some success (very little of it financial) until 1987.

These days I am working as a freelance musician, and I am doing a lot of shows and studio work with many Canadian artists.

Smokey has contributed to The Haywire Hopefuls by recording steel guitar parts for the song “Make Us More”.

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