Rob Hill

Rob Hill grew up listening to his father play bass and guitar. By age 11, Rob picked up his dad’s Rickenbacker bass and was immediately hooked. While attending high school, he joined the orchestra and jazz choir, which eventually inspired Hill to attend Boise State University where he received a Bachelor of Music with a performance emphasis. While attending Boise State in 1994, he collaborated with Dan Costello and Scott Lindbloom, which would solidify the core of musicians known as Stella.

Rob Hill’s keen ear and bass playing style has been a hot commodity in Boise’s local music scene. As an educator and performer, he has accompanied and been featured by Kelly Martin and Rebecca Martin from Crash Four, Jeremiah James, Rebecca Scott, Gizzard Stone, and Ben Burdick.

Rob has contributed to The Haywire Hopefuls by recording bass for the songs “Stop and Drop It“, “House”, “Never Leave” and “Dollar”.

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