Kelly Martin and The Haywire Hopefuls is a recording project that has members stemming from Brazil to Canada to Idaho who have never been in the same room. Using websites like Facebook and GrooveZoo, the band is able to locate new members to write and record without ever meeting. Because each band member records their own parts, the band is able to construct original rock songs using the latest technologies and social websites. Martin’s first solo album, Another End, was released in 2009. Since then, he has lived in North Carolina, Texas, and is now back in Idaho. Moving so frequently has made it hard to find consistent band members to work with. This 21st century way of creating music is giving people, such as Martin, an opportunity to work with musicians from all over the world.

Kelly Martin and the Haywire Hopefuls is releasing one song a month with a music video until the well runs dry.

The bands first release “Stop and Drop It” features guitarist Leandro Chernicharo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“I came across Kelly’s music on the website I really liked his material and wanted to be apart of it. Creating songs over the Internet is a great way to work with people you may never of have had the chance of working with before.” – Leandro Chernicharo

Kelly was one of two singer songwriters for the Boise-based band CrashFour. After nine years, four albums, playing over 400 shows, performing at SXSW, being sponsored by Budweiser and Bose, being represented by the College Agency, and sharing the stage with Collective Soul, Phantom Planet, Sugar Land, Ben Lee, Left Over Salmon, Young Dubliners, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Built to Spill, moe, and REO Speedwagon, Kelly Martin is now heading the Haywire Hopefuls recording project.